Monday, January 5, 2015

True Love Can Weather Any Storm

                    Merry Farmer has done it once again! With her final installment for her "Hot On the Trail Trilogy" comes 'Trail of Longing': a heart felt, witty, and riveting story of how two souls find a way to make their fairy-tale love into one of reality. For those who have had the pleasure of reading the first two 'Trail' books, then you already have a grasp on what Emma Sutton is like. A kind-hearted woman who loves children, and dreams of wanting nothing more than a love like the one her parents have been gifted with; that is, until she is in the presence of Dean Meyers, then she is all tongue-tied and shyness, but that will never stop her from cherishing every moment she is with him. Dr. Dean Meyers (or Dean, as Emma prefers it) is a man traveling west from a haunting past; one he only wishes to leave buried and stayed buried. The trail doesn't seem as tedious when he has the opportunity to see Emma every day, and he has hopes one day that Emma just might be his forever. Unfortunately, like all love stories, certain unfortunate events take place where their love will be tested to such lengths where only two people who are struck with true love can find each other again. As I said before, for those who have read the first two in the trilogy, then you already know that you are in for a real treat; but for those who haven't do not worry, you don't even have to read them in order just get it, read it, and fall in love with 'Trail of Longing over and over again. 

"Love is exactly the right thing to base a future on. True love can weather any storm, make any burden lighter. Love makes even the worst tragedy easy to bear." -- Dean Meyers

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