Sunday, June 21, 2015

He Finally Found His Forever

It's a week later after Jake's accident, and Bethany has found out that he is now in a medical induced coma. As for Krista, she has now been arrested for stabbing Jake at his house. For a woman who suffers from Bipolar disorder, she snapped after breaking things off with Jake. She became obsessive with him. All of this has started to take its own toll on Bethany, who has gone to both the hospital and the jail to visit both friends. As she can't do anything for Jake at the moment, she tries to talk some sense into Krista, who is showing not an ounce of guilt or even confessing to the crime. 

Now I know this story is supposed to be all about Damon and Bethany, but the things were left off I'm sure there were a lot of questions that were needed to be answered. So as you have all been waiting for, let's get to the good part of the story! 

As I mentioned earlier, Bethany has been through a lot this past week, but she has not gone through it all alone. For she had the sexy, charming, and loving billionaire Damon by her side through it all. But that is not the only thing that has changed in Bethany's life, Damon gave her a new office that is now on the executive floor of the building, and Kent her future father in law even promoted her! She even met the head of the ads designing Erica Hall(whom she thought was  a past fling of Damon's, but it turns out she is really into Matt, her future stepbrother). Now, as the story continues, emotions are laid out on the table, feelings are shared, and a three worded phrase is possibly uttered from a person's lips. Whose is it? Well you will just have to read His Forever to find out how the story ends.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

His Offer Is On the Table

            Just as sexy as the rest of them, but ladies, this one will pull on your heartstrings. 

            School has begun again for Bethany and she has moved back into her apartment that she shares with her best friend Krista. So now she is back to books and studying, the only thing that is different is the fact she is now a teacher's assistant for young professor Kendal Tarrington. Although Kendal is sweet on the eyes, Bethany has her heart set on only one man: Damon. After finding the roses with the note in her office after their fight, she feels awful about the whole situation. So she heads to Damon's, and Bethany finally hears the words she has been waiting for since they first met: if she gives him her heart he will give her his. You think this is all to the story, but that would be far from the truth. For Bethany's two dearest friends Krista and Jake are at odds after saying they were going to go for being a couple. When trouble arises, what will happen for the four of them? Will this cause trouble for Bethany and Damon after everything they have gone through? What will happen between Krista and Jake?

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Billionaire Finally Makes His Mark

Sexy, steamy, the one you have been waiting for ladies!

His Mark continues its story in lovely Seattle Washington, where Damon has finally done what Beth has been craving for for the past five books: made sweet passionate love to her. But what Beth was hoping to bloom into a loving relationship, Damon has another thing in mind: that he wasn't in it for the relationship. This was not sitting well for Beth, for she has fallen in love and fallen hard for her sexy billionaire future stepbrother. When she confronts him on the subject, Damon takes it the wrong way. Will Beth be able to fix the relationship that is soon to break?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


                     Barbara Devlin is recruiting any bloggers who are willing to help her with her fabulous series; Brethren of the Coast. If you love to read and then blog about it, then this is a job for you! Please comment below if you are interested in helping out. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this.