Monday, October 7, 2013

Be Careful What You Read...

In honor of the third season premiere of Once Upon A Time arriving on September 28, my book-mood-o-meter (it helps me decide what book I'm going to read next) led me to reading Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Now, for those oncer fans out there; you would understand why I read this particular book. With the mixture of fairy tales, villains, and the expecting the unexpected, I'd say it's the perfect time to read this series (now that I have read the first, I have to read the rest).

Be careful what you read...
Imagine if you could read anything you can imagine out of your favorite novel. What would you want to come to life? What wouldn't you want to come face-to-face to? The characters you could finally meet, but what if all this talent would come with a price? 

This is how Mo and Meggie live their lives, when Mo has the ability to read characters and other magical creatures into the real world. Only with this power, comes a very big price to pay. One night, Mo decides to read aloud, Inkheart, to his wife Teresa and daughter Meggie. But unlike any of the other books he has read in the past, this one brings out a man who is feared by everyone; but loses the love of his life. Throughout the story, Mo and Meggie go on an adventure to defeat the villainous Capricorn and to find a way for their family to finally be reunited. 

This charming and classical story gives you everything from fairy tales to a monster you can only imagine. Cornelia Funke's creation is worth visiting from time to time.