Sunday, January 18, 2015

Karpov-Kinrade Have Brought the Sexiness Once Again!

You have heard of Hitched, now prepare for some major sexiness that is know as Whipped. A witty, charming, and very sexy romp of a tale! If you have read Hitched, then you have heard all about Vi, now get ready to read her story. 

Vi Reynolds thinks life to be just the way she wants it to be; perfect friends and she has her very own store called Whipped. With her adult toy store helping those in need of some serious sexiness, nothing could tarnish Vi's life; except a lovely thing called: due payments. With countless payments due, Vi accepts an offer for a roommate to a man she has never met, or so she thinks...

Lachlan Pierce, or "Aussie Hottie" as Vi would call him, is a male dancer (or stripper if you you like), think of Chippendales, who frequents Vi's store quite often and with a new woman draping on his arm every time. But I wouldn't take him for what he does for a career, for underneath all that hotness is a heart with a dream to do something great for those around him and the community. First off, he needs a place to stay, so he finds himself rooming with someone he never thought to expect but believes will enjoy to great extremes... 

With the two of them living under one roof, who knows what can happen. Though if you wish to find out, then grab yourself a copy of Whipped, and settle in for one sexy ride! 

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