Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Faith of God Can Withstand Through Anything


                       A riveting, uplifting, and spiritual tale about two young people finding their faith in very tiring times. Times, when in early settlement Montana, things between the white settlers and the Sioux were not right. 

                    Meet Genevieve LaCroix, a young woman who's father sends her away to a missionary in for her to find the best education she could find. After losing her mother, the last thing she ever wanted to do, was to be sent away from her father. Being of mixed race, it was hard enough for her to be a part of the white settlers lifestyle, let alone their undying faith for God. When a tragedy falls upon the family she is staying with and she witness them finding a silver lining, will Gen finally start understanding God's ways? 

                    Two-Shoes, is a born and raised Dakota young man, whom like any other Sioux believed whites to be the enemy. That was until he became wounded and was treated and healed by the missionary family Gen was with. During the time in which he heals, his vision of the white people changes form one of hatred to one awe and belief. But when conflict arises and he is torn between his people or the family he has grown to love, will he be able to stay true to his faith and do what is right by God? 

                    In the "Valley of the Shadow" by Stephanie Grace Whitson, be prepared to go on a journey and witness history, and the undying faith of those who believe.

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