Monday, January 5, 2015

The Story You Have Been 'Longing' For Has Finally Arrived!

The third book in Merry Farmer's Oregon Trail historical romance series...

Read the blurb and check out an excerpt below!
Emma Sutton fell in love with Dr. Dean Meyers on the very first day of their journey west on the Oregon Trail. Dean is handsome, caring, and noble. If only she could tell him! But between her crippling shyness and the marital machinations of her mother, she despairs of ever being able to say what’s in her heart. When a sudden injury puts her in Dean’s hands, literally and figuratively, she hopes she might just have a chance with him…until a ghost from Dean’s past comes between them.

Dean Meyers is determined to make the long journey west to start a new life and leave the horrors of the Civil War behind him. He is charmed by Emma and amused by her mother, and can finally see peace in his future. But when an old colleague shows up to turn his world upside down, it’s all Dean can do to keep love, hope, and Emma from slipping away. All seems lost until Emma finds herself in danger and Dean is given a chance to be a hero…if he can reach her in time.

Love will give her courage to find her voice and follow her heart…

An excerpt from Trail of Longing

Nebraska Territory, 1863

Dr. Dean Meyers was the most beautiful thing Emma Sutton had ever seen. He was tall and graceful, with a smile that cheered the prairie. He may have walked several wagons in front of her, consulting with Mrs. Costner about her sore knees, but Emma could still see his profile and the light of kindness shining in his eyes. Sunlight seemed to dance off of the rich dark brown of his hair. After being on the trail heading west to Oregon for so many weeks, he’d let it grow a little too long, but he wore it well. He had a handsome, strong face as well—a straight nose, a fine brow, and a square jaw. Weeks of being in the sun had tanned his face, but unlike some of the other men, he shaved every day.

He turned his head in her direction. For one breathless second, Emma’s heart stopped when it looked like he might catch her spying on him. She glanced down, off over the rolling grass, up to the sky, cheeks flushing pink. Her gaze drifted back to him, or rather to the back of his head. He hadn’t seen her after all. She let out a breath of relief.

Emma went on daydreaming. Dr. Meyers—Dean—was so noble, so gentle with the sick and injured that he treated. Mrs. Costner was clearly having a hard time walking, but he offered her an arm and supported some of her weight. Emma had heard him insisting that she should ride, even going so far as to appeal to her husband to convince her to hop into their wagon. Mrs. Costner was having none of it. Emma couldn’t hear their conversation, but she saw the admiration in the older woman’s eyes. Why ride in a wagon when you could walk to Oregon on Dean Meyers’ arm?

Yes, Emma sighed, hugging herself with a far-away smile, she was in love. Completely, hopelessly in love.

Thank God Dean didn’t know.
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