Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What Would You Do If You Had One Night?

            A five star read! A story you will never want to put it down! Full of passion, loyalty, and the act of finding what you truly want in life and going after it. 

            For those of you who have already read One Summer With a Star, then you are familiar with our main character here, the outgoing and spunky Jenny Young. She was known as the realtor of all realtors, she could close and sell a house without breaking a sweat. All that ended when she got pregnant and had a son which she named Daniel. To everyone Daniel looked like a spitting image of his mother, but to Jenny her son looked just like his father...celebrity heartthrob Simon Mercer. 

             Simon Mercer, a man known to the public as the party-goer who will never settle down. But for the British actor, he wants nothing but to change his ways and find a good woman to settle down and stat a family with. Upon meeting Jenny that first time that summer in Maine(Read about it in Summer With a Star), he knew that Jenny was the one for him. But in order for his dream to become a reality, he had to go away to fix his problems, but what he didn't know was that that one night was all it too for Jenny to become pregnant! Six months later he finds out the truth of the matter and vows to be the best he has ever been for both Jenny and Daniel. 

           Will Simon be successful in winning Jenny back and getting the family he has always dreamed of? Or will the looming threat of his job potentially relocating be what becomes that nail that drives them further apart?

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