Monday, April 20, 2015

What Would You Do With A Star Filled Summer?

You may think spending an entire summer with a star would be glamorous, but for Tasha Pike things could become complicated very quickly. 

Tasha Pike has lived a normal life: a career as a elementary school teacher, and what she thought was a great relationship with a man turns out to be nothing but lies and embarrassment. So she finds herself spending the summer at her dream home, the one she saved up for twenty years, only to find it none other than Spencer Ellis himself! 

Spencer Ellis is known by many as a well talented celebrity. Doing what he loves but in an environment that can be very overwhelming at times, he decides to take a summer off and go away. His agent finds him a beautiful house in Summerbury, Maine called Sand Dollar Point. Everything seems perfect except for one thing: finding out he took away Tasha's dream summer. To remedy the situation he offers her to stay with him for the summer...she accepts. 

Spending a summer with a star can become very overwhelming or very neutral, it all depends on how the chemistry between the two combine. Will the bond between Spencer and Tasha take and create something magical? Or will it spiral downhill and crash? Find out in Merry Farmer's fun summer read, Summer With A Star!

"That was what she'd always wanted, the kind of love that didn't care what someone looked like or what they did for a living." Quote from Summer With A Star

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