Friday, April 3, 2015

The Past is Not the Present

Never let the past dictate your life. For Ren, this was a challenged for faced her whole life. 

Ren's life has been nothing but abuse both physically and mentally; with the happiness she has in her life, her lovely daughter Sophia. With Sophia's father out of the picture, a marriage that only lasted for a year, and an abusive past no one ever wishes to experience, Ren never thought to share a happy life with anyone ever again. That is until Jackson Thomas proposed and declared his love for her. 

Will Ren finally be able to let go of her haunting past so that she may finally find joy with a man she may just love? For those of you who love a good love a good love story, then Enduring Everything by M. Sembera is the novel for you. Pick up yourself a copy and find out that there is love for everyone.

"Time doesn't always heal old wounds. Often time makes them worse. Especially when you push those wounds to the back of your mind and focus on the life you want to lead. Then the day comes when you finally have everything. It is then, you realize that nothing ever goes away." 

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