Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We're Sad to See You Go


                Fans of Court of Nightfall, or just fans of Karpov Kinrade in general will fall in love with their latest creation Seduced by Darkness. The ending of the seduced saga , this story will leave you felling bliss and empty at the same time. For you will be sad to see the story of Rose and Derek come to an end. With the Beast still out there somewhere hunting paranormals, it's up to Rose, Derek, and their very good friends Drake and Sam to hunt down and kill the beast once and for all. But as always complication arise for our four friends. Will Derek be able to help Rose with her shifting? Will Drake finally be able to accept who he truly is? Will Sam be able to help Drake through it all? If this has enticed you in any way, then grab yourself a copy and read to find out what happens.

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