Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dream A Little Dream on the Oregon Trail


                 After reading the first three Hot on the Trail books, written by Merry Farmer, I can honestly say that Trail of Dreams is my all time favorite. With the perfect blend of adventure and romance, this story felt like it was meant for me ( although I know that it's not). With close friendship and heroism comes a romance you will not want to miss out on. 

                  Katie Boyle and Aiden Murphy have known each other since they were just young babes from Ireland, now they find themselves traveling along the Oregon Trail finding their knew life. All Katie wants is to find adventure, excitement, to explore new things, and to find passion in the arms of her true hero. What does Aiden want? Just to have Katie love him and want to be his forever. What Katie doesn't know is that all she ever really wanted was right there in front of her. When trouble arises and Katie finds herself taken from everyone she knows and loves, Aiden risks his own life to get back his one true love. Will Katie and Aiden ever find their way back home to their families? Will Katie finally open not only her eyes but her heart to the one man who has been her hero her whole life?

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