Saturday, December 13, 2014

Come, and Join Forces With Nightfall

               Have you ever fallen in love with a story about mythological creatures, angels, or a heroine with super human-like abilities? If you said yes to any of this, or perhaps to all three, then you are in for quite a treat with this badass, action packed, witty, story of a young woman whose life is suddenly turned upside down, and her life is now not what she once thought to be. This tale begins with young Scarlett Night, who with the misfortune of being born color-blind, dreams of becoming nothing other than a pilot. At this point in her life, everything is as it should be: two loving parents, the opportunity to finally achieving her lifelong dream, and her best friend since being in diapers; Jax. Now on this almost perfect-like-day, Scarlett's life drastically flips inside out, and she finds herself feeling confused, alone, angry, and suddenly thrown into the world that was once the Nephilim Wars. For Scarlett, she was a young child when the wars were being fought; a war between human kind and angel-like creatures with amazing superhuman abilities called Nephilim.  As she finds herself being thrust into the middle of something big and not yet explainable, will she be able find a way to survive? With her old life in shreds, who will she finally become?Intrigued? Then on December 14, grab a copy of Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade, and you will not be disappointed.  As much as I would love to tell you more of an epic adventure, I will assure you that you will find yourself falling in love with Scarlett; with Nightfall.

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