Monday, December 29, 2014

A Purely Paranormal Page-Turner!

If you like watching an amazing crime TV show, then you will LOVE reading one with a twist of paranormal!

With an opening scene of an innocent transgender being murder for a reason only those who have read "Freak Show" will truly know( so if you haven't read it, then get on it!). Not to worry though, for three very close-knit college friends who have been reunited again in Silver City, California; will come together to solve a case that may just have a touch paranormal "weirdness"! Along with figuring out how to deal with their own 'weird' budding abilities; will they be able to find the murderer behind the vicious killings? Will they finally be able to come to terms with themselves?

You will be guessing who did it til you turn the last page. The suspense just might do you end, but with the touch of paranormal thrill, the wait will feel like you have solved the case yourself! So make sure to grab yourself a copy of Freak Show, and come solve the case with Gerri, Ray, and Kinsey; you will love it from the very first scene!

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