Friday, September 20, 2013

A Sound As Haunting And Sweet As The Tears Of An Angel

Have you ever stopped what you were doing, and wondered what your families history was and what it meant for you?

       In the novel, The Keeper Of Secrets, author Julie Thomas takes you on a journey through many point of views which all lead to one very valuable treasure: a rare 1742 Guarneri del Gesu violin. This story begins during the Holocaust, in 1935, with a young boy named Simon Horowitz and his passion for music, especially the Guarneri that is taken away. Thomas creatively travels back and forth through time, from the tortuous days of the Holocaust; to the present day of Chicago with grandson Daniel Horowitz.
        They say that it's all in the genes! Well Simon's gift for playing the violin was most definitely passed down to fourteen-year-old Daniel, who can play a violin with as much talent as one who has been playing far longer than him. With a little violin put into his hands at a young age, his gift was discovered soon after; and his life became far from normal. From going to a private music school, to winning a national competition; one would think he was happy with his life.
        He wasn't.
        More than anything, Daniel would love to just put away the violin forever and play baseball. Will his family be able to convince Daniel to play again? Will the Horowitz family finally be reunited with what was rightfully theirs all along?
        This story is perfect for both young adults and adults alike. If you love reading about history, then this is perfect for you. While enjoying a good novel, you learn so much about the things the people had to go through during those years in the Holocaust. Beautifully composed, The Keeper Of Secrets, will remind you of the preciousness of family, life, and finding the power to conquer through all your darkest despair.

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