Saturday, May 10, 2014

Can You Last 100 Days?

                           Imagine starting out your day like any other...then all hell breaks loose. One minute you're walking back to your office, the next you find yourself fighting for your life from a coworker who wants nothing more than to feast off of your brains. 
            Now, I bet you're starting to think, "This sure sounds like another one of those novels about zombies." Well, you would be correct, but au contraire my friend not only is this a novel about a zombie's a zombie apocalypse with a twist. Cash, an office worker in her twenties, finds herself fighting for her life while watching her friends die around her, and at the same moment keeping them from killing her. on a mad dash to reach what she hopes to be the safety of her home, she instead finds sanctuary with an Army veteran with PTSD named Clutch. Together, these two team-up to fight for the survival of what remains of human kind against the zeds(zombies). Unfortunately, zeds will not be their only problem, for evil lurks among the living as well...

Rachel Aukes, is the author of this fast-paced, non-stop action-packed, thrill ride that is known as 100 Days In Deadland. Part one of the Deadland Saga, this novel is creatively written with action, humor, a dash of romance, and just a pinch of gore(courtesy of your friendly neighborhood zeds). If you are familiar and a fan of Dante's Inferno, then you will love 100 Days In Deadland as it takes you on a journey through the human spirit: survival and greed & good and evil. 

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